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Liven Up Your Loo

March 21, 2017

Want to elevate your everyday? Transform your daily dousing into a zen-filled spa experience. A beautiful bathroom shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for 5-star hotels. Build yourself a space you love and start each day off on the right foot. Left | Right Left | Right Left | Right Left | Right…

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Crisp Whites for Bed & Bath

We’re all for taking design risks, but there’s nothing like that crisp, classic look of white linens to welcome you home. Whether you’re looking to register for basics or you’re looking to round out a new look for your bed and bath, you can’t…

July 27, 2016

Bathroom Towel 101

Let’s be honest: towels probably don’t get your blood pumping like some other wedding gifts might. But trust us when we tell you: they deserve a spot on your registry. The time has come to ditch those faded, pilled up towels that you hide…

March 29, 2016

Your Beautiful Bathroom

Let’s give that water closet of yours a serious upgrade with these bathroom registry essentials. Transform your bathroom into a spa so you’re feeling serene and calm while you scrub, and make it smell like one, too! Towels • Made of hand-tufted terry, the whale…

August 5, 2015

Citrus in Season

It’s hard to believe fruits this refreshing are already in season when summer seems so far. But you won’t want to miss the sweet scents of blossoming orange and meyer lemon trees. If you’re craving the unmistakable fresh scents of citrus, here are a…

March 6, 2015